Illustration by Joe Hoffecker

Camp Dragonfly: Post Camp Overview Part 2

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After working so hard all week, being open to opportunities, learning new skills, and exploring their talents, our Camp Dragonfly campers worked together to create a plan to spread kindness, compassion, and philanthropy. They then took action to support The Dragonfly Foundation.

The Camp’s “FUUUUUUNNNNN”draiser was awesome! The kids set 3 goals for the Did It For Dragonfly “FUN”draiser:

  1. To help raise awareness for The Dragonfly Foundation
  2. To raise $350
  3. To have FUN!

To this end, our campers:

  • Planned all of the snacks and arranged them all so well for our guests
  • Set-up games and chose and secured prizes
  • Decorated The Landing inside and out
  • Found sponsors and invited people to attend
  • Arranged all of the raffle baskets and silent auction items
  • Made the event and sponsor signs
  • Created a slide presentation and a program to entertain guests

Together, they DID IT FOR DRAGONFLY! They not only achieved their 3 goals, these awesome 5th and 6th grade kiddos exceeded every expectation and raised an incredible $1,240.25!