Brooke Van Paris Takes on Cannonball for Dragonfly Challenge During Coney Island Park Preview Day

Brooke Van Paris and 8 other celebrities are making a “Big Splash” on May 24, 2019 during the Cannonballs for Charity event at Coney Island during the park’s preview day for seasons pass holders. The 10 am event benefits The Dragonfly Foundation, a nonprofit that helps pediatric cancer patients ant their families. Troy will be among 9 celebrities participating in a bracket challenge at Coney Island’s new Cannonball Cove. Celebrities will make a splash from either the one-meter boards or the 9-foot board!

Brooke “Beast Mode Barbie” Van Paris is a 3X World Championship Obstacle Course Racer, an American Grit competitor and a 4x belly flop champion at a hotel in Florida!

Celebrity cannonballers include:
• Sergeant Steve Bower from Cincinnati Police Dept. District 2
• Omar Cummings, FC Cincinnati Club Ambassador
• Jon “Jon Jon” Curl Q102 Co-host
• Troy Evans, former St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans, and New Orleans Saints player, won a Super Bowl ring with the Saints in 2009 against the Indianapolis Colts
• Chief Deputy Robert Goetke, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
• Natalie Jones, Q102 Co-Host
• Ron Oester, former Cincinnati Reds Player
• Livvy Stubenrauch, voice of Young Anna from Frozen
• Brooke “Beast Mode Barbie” Van Paris, 3X World Championship Obstacle Course Racer and American Grit competitor

Other Notable Attendees
• Seg Dennison, Event emcee and 700WLW Host
• 700WLW’s Tom Gamble and Fin Walters

Participating Mascots & Cheerleaders:
• BenGal Cheerleaders Alyssa and Jessica
• Bengals Mascot (WhoDey)
• FC Cincinnati Mascot (Gary)
• Reds Mascots (Rosie & Mr. Red)
• Cyclones Mascot (Twister)
• Kentucky Speedway Mascot (Horsepower)
• NKU Mascot (Victor E. Viking)

Seasons pass holders are invited to attend the private event emceed by 700WLW’s Seg Dennison. Others can watch and vote for their favorite cannonballer on Coney Island’s Facebook Live stream on May 24 at 10:15 am.

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To support The Dragonfly Foundation, please donate at or text WINGS to 71777.

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