Story & Behind The Scenes Video: Lincoln Motor Company’s Driven To Give Film

The Dragonfly Foundation's first experience with Lincoln Motor Company and their Driven to Give program started with a fundraiser at Montgomery Lincoln in Cincinnati, OH during a local “Driven to Give” event. (During that day, the company donated $20 to Dragonfly for each test drive.) As a young non-profit, we seize and rely on every fundraiser we get, no matter how big or how small. We had no way of knowing then that it would lead to one of the most incredible experiences we have had, as an organization, as former consultants, and as individuals.

After the event, representatives from Lincoln Motor Company sent us a request for information. To be honest,
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Lincoln Motor Company's film about Dragonfly, directed by Michael Clarke. To read the news release about the film CLICK HERE.

Trailer to Lincoln Motor Company's Driven To Give film about Dragonfly
we didn’t think anything would come of it. It was LINCOLN MOTOR COMPANY! We’re a new organization (at least in the landscape of Cincinnati non-profits), and to be connected with a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN and a company of that kind of prestige and national recognition was unfathomable. (Can you imagine how many other organizations send them information and requests for support?) As unshakable as our belief in our mission and impact as an organization is, and as much as we cultivate bravery in our efforts to always try no matter the odds, when we jumped on the opportunity to share our mission and vision, it wasn’t with any sort of expectation that we would actually be chosen.

Numerous conference calls and emails followed. More discussions. Evaluations of our financials. Interviews. You would think that continued conversation would be a strong indicator that things had gone well for us, but that kind of intense vetting and prolonged negotiation isn’t anything new. People and organizations want to deeply know the non-profits they get involved with and support. Who can blame them? So we didn’t think anything of it.

Then one day we got a call telling us “Dragonfly was selected to be featured in the Driven to Give program!”

It didn’t sink in at first. I remember asking Katherine, “How many other non-profits were selected?”

Her answer:
“I don’t think you quite understand… Just Dragonfly!”

The aftermath of that call is pretty blurry, literally and figuratively — Christine Neitzke and I, co-founders of Dragonfly, cried a lot of happy tears! It started to become real when Lincoln called to tell us about members of the 12-person team they assigned to the film, including: Michael Clarke, a Clio Award and Cannes Film Festival honored director; cinematographer, Logan Triplett; producer John Cline; editorial manager Ashley Eldridge; Katherine Parthum, Plum Street Productions. The film crew spent nearly two weeks in Cincinnati documenting Dragonfly night and day!

We feel obligated to use the word “document,” but really what they created is so much more than that. The film they created *is* us. It’s better than we could have imagined. More than we ever hoped for. When they were with us in Cincinnati, they did so much more than just get to know our story. They sat down with us and got to know us, and more importantly intimately got to know our vision. They spoke candidly with us and with Dragonfly families. Almost from the start, they just *got it.*

We are so grateful to everyone who participated in the film, particularly the Welage, Carneson, Randall, Robison, and Werner families and our incredible staff. Our gratitude also goes out to: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Baron Engraving, Cincinnati Zoo, Continental Roof Co., and Full Throttle, Magic Yarn Project, and Tony's Steaks & Seafood for their help and support.

Special thanks to our dedicated Board, donors, sponsors, volunteers! No expression of gratitude would be complete without mentioning our our wonderful friends, Marty, Amanda, & Thom Brennaman who have made so many things possible for us.

Lincoln's Driven To Give film is being featured nationwide on, Lincoln’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and in Lincoln dealerships nationwide. It is also being shared on Dragonfly's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Click here watch the long version of the Lincoln film.

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-- Ria Davidson, Co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation
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