Bad things happen, but good things do, too

STORY: As we have said, we are sending 88 Dragonflies to see #GarthBrooks at our #DragonflySuite at US Bank Arena during his 5 shows… One of those young Dragonflies, who we had arranged to go to the Garth Brooks concert in our suite this past weekend, tripped, fell, and was SEVERELY injured as she left her home to go to the concert, landing her in the hospital (and a wheelchair!) instead… Before the family could contact us, a compassionate person, who heard about the girl‘s accident and how sad she was to miss the event — but who DID NOT KNOW about Dragonfly — called B-105.1 FM,Cincinnati’s Country to try to get tickets for this weekend. Unable to help, but knowing about her cancer and surmising that she was probably a Dragonfly, B105 told the gentleman to contact us for help. When we got the call and confirmed the situation, we turned to our sponsors. Encore Technologies came to our/our Dragonfly’s rescue! With their help, we are sending her and her family this weekend! So grateful to our partners, and the kind and compassionate people who watch out for and care about our kids/families, our “Dragonflies.”