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Our 2022 Adopt a Family Program has been fulfilled this year thanks to your generosity, please shop our Amazon Wish List list to support us make a monetary gift online.

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Other ways to support this year:

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The Dragonfly Foundation recognizes the emotional, relational, practical and financial challenges affecting Dragonfly families, particularly during an emotional or financial crisis, the holidays, at the start of the school year, and for urgent needs. Dragonfly’s Adopt-A-Family Program gives supporters the opportunity to provide Dragonfly patients and families with gifts and supplies they might not be able to afford or be able to purchase due to other significant hardship.


  • Interested supporters and registered Dragonfly families can apply to participate in our program using the form below
  • Supporters who sign up to adopt a Dragonfly family will receive a list of items requested by the family. The value of gifts requested typically range between $300-$400/family. (Note: All gifts must be new and in their original packaging.)
  • Supporters can choose to shop for gifts themselves or can donate funds to Dragonfly’s Adopt-a-Family Program. Once the gifts have been acquired, we ask that supporters deliver them to the Landing or other designated drop-off location


Who is eligible to receive gifts?

Financially-challenged Dragonfly families with patients (up to age 40) are eligible to apply for the program. The patient and any siblings or offspring (under 18 years of age) and caregivers living in the same household are also eligible.

Can donors deliver gifts to the Dragonfly families they sponsor?

While some volunteers will be utilized as couriers, we do not match couriers with gift recipients if they have donated gifts. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our donors and Dragonfly families.

What information will donors receive about their assigned Dragonfly family?

We will provide Adopt-a-Family supporters with the ages and genders of recipients; occasionally, first names may be provided. We will also provide information about gift requests and suggested items.


Adopt-a-Family 2022

The Dragonfly Foundation works with donors and partner hospitals to support Dragonfly patients and families. Supporters - Please complete the form below to let us know about your interest in the following programs: 

Adopt A FamilyOur 2022 Adopt a Family Program has been fulfilled this year thanks to your generosity, please shop our Amazon Wish List  list to support us or you can donate online at
Please complete the below form to be added to our supporter list for 2023. 

Through our Adopt a Family program The Dragonfly Foundation works with partner hospitals to support patients and families with a goal to alleviate some of their financial burden during the holiday season. 

Patient/Family Gifting: Dragonfly provides gifts to patients (up to age 40), siblings and caregivers.  This would support situations related to an emotional or financial crisis, relocation, the holidays, supplying school supplies, and more.

Patient/Family Event Support:  Help provide patients/families with opportunities for fun, food, entertainment and experiences. Let us know if you can help us purchase tickets and suites or coordinate event opportunities.

Contact Details

We work with the hospital to coordinate support and verify families in need. Dragonfly will be in touch with potential sponsors within 2-3 business days. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Carrie Ellis at [email protected] or 513.828.9968