2, 2 days apart

One girl, one boy.

One a curly brunette, the other a no-fuss blond.

Both beautiful, both loved and supported by their families and The Dragonfly Foundation.

The young man once told me:

“If it wasn’t for Dragonfly. I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Back when he had to decide to come to Cincinnati for treatment, he said he felt he couldn’t come here when his support system would be back in Minnesota. However, with only one treatment option, he moved to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Thankfully, he found about us almost immediately. He made friends with other Dragonfly families he met at events. He connected with patients and families in the hospital who wore our shirts. He touched the hearts of our staff and volunteers. He found a 2nd family here.

We know that both families benefited from being part of our Dragonfly Family.

We are devastated by the loss of 2 Dragonflies in 1 weekend. Just. Devastated.

Our thoughts and prayers for peace go out to their families and the 64 other families who have lost Dragonflies.

Your kids will not be forgotten.

**Post script: We lost 2 more a few days later. Ugh.