“I feel compelled to echo some of the sentiments I’ve read here before about the appearance of dragonflies…

Today, my husband and I took our Dragonfly to Children’s for his second follow-up MRI. These are always incredibly anxiety-inducing for us, but we put on our best face for our little one’s sake. At the hospital (or anywhere, for that matter), it is endlessly comforting when we spot dragonflies worked into pieces of art or otherwise flying about. This morning, we saw several prominently displayed in the radiology waiting area, some on the walls, and a few in the main concourse. Our first nurse of the day even had one on her retractable name badge!

I say all this to express just how dearly we’ve grown to love the dragonfly as a symbol. What started out as a tense and uncomfortable day was made bearable by that sweet winged creature. We love The Dragonfly Foundation and are so glad we are blessed to be associated with this amazing organization! <3”
— A Dragonfly Mom

Photo by Jeff McCurry