50 Reasons To Visit The Landing

50 Reasons To Love The LandingWhy Should Our Patients And Families Visit The Landing?

  1. Fun
  2. Key-coded “Flight Club” Room: only 13-30-year-olds get the code
  3. Giving Tree: Patients/siblings each get to select a gift to take home when they leave (with NO parental intervention)!
  4. Toys, toys, toys
  5. Crafts
  6. Beautiful space to read a book or one of our many magazines
  7. Breathe a sigh of relief for a few moments
  8. Use the stage and Karaoke machine to sing and dance
  9. Graeter’s Ice Cream in the freezer
  10. Have a stay-cation!
    The Landing

    The Landing… Because everybody needs a place to land.

  11. Areas for kids ages 6-13 and from birth to 6
  12. Soft couches
  13. A big train set
  14. Helpful and kind volunteer “Flight Attendants”
  15. Use of the largest Mac computer you have ever seen
  16. Play on our Game Stop Game Systems (if you are old enough to visit The Flight Club)
  17. Make friends
  18. Sink into a comfy couch
  19. Free give-aways every week, donated by our caring community of supporters
  20. Get one of our bracelets or a Dragonfly bumper sticker
  21. Relax
  22. Listen to good music
  23. Meet other parents and kids
  24. Escape to luxury
  25. To see your kids smile
  26. Latest Xbox, Wii and PS3 games
  27. Flat screen TVs
  28. Legos, legos, legos
  29. An adult lounge area
  30. DVD movies of all ratings!
  31. Pick up bumper stickers to give to family and friends
  32. Get a Headband of Hope headband for your little girl(s)
  33. 100s of markers and every color of construction paper
  34. Soda, juice and chocolate milk and snacks
  35. Because this is exclusively for our Dragonflies
  36. To hear laughter
  37. To have a video game tournament
  38. To play with playdough
  39. Board games
  40. Skype on a 54″ flat screen
  41. Get a Dragonfly tattoo (temporary!)
  42. See our new sign!!
  43. Get a cup of coffee
  44. Play a game of ping pong
  45. Put your feet up and relax
  46. Understanding
  47. See the generosity of donors
  48. Cheerful surroundings
  49. Smile
  50. To say “Wow! I was NOT expecting THIS!”