Ticketing Policy & Expectations For Patient/Family Events

We consider it a privilege to offer Dragonfly families numerous event opportunities where they can make memories as a family and get to know other Dragonflies. Dragonfly provides multiple weekly event opportunities that appeal to a broad range of ages and interests.

Our ticket and gifting distribution system is not a raffle. We consider a number of factors when reviewing each request or situation:

  • Date of diagnosis/registration
  • Physical and emotional wellness, crisis situations and/or special circumstances
  • Patient/Family Interests
  •  Events:
    • Number of tickets available
    • Number of tickets needed by the family
    • Number of patient events attended over time
    • Date of last event attended
    • Types of events previously attended
  • Compliance with Ticketing & Gifting Policy & Expectations
  • Available resources

Current patients in active treatment are our first priority. Our ability to accommodate ticket requests depends upon the number of tickets we have available.

Dragonfly families MUST comply with our Ticketing & Gifting Policy & Expectations to be eligible for Dragonfly event, gifting, and support programs.

Please email us if you have any questions.


Q: How do I register my interest in attending an event?

A:  The best way to register for an event is through our Dragonfly Family Portal at Dragonfly.org. Patients/families are provided login credentials when they register with Dragonfly. Registering interest in attending an event does not guarantee families will be provided with tickets. We encourage families to include notes about special circumstances when making ticket requests.

If you are unable to login, need to reset your password or change your email address, please email Zak at [email protected] or call the Landing at 513-494-6474.

Q: How does Dragonfly choose who receives tickets to patient/family events?

A: Dragonfly’s ticket distribution system is not a raffle. We take many factors into account when reviewing ticket requests, including: the number of tickets available and requested, the patient’s physical and emotional wellness, the number and types of events the patient/family has attended, and other special circumstances that may be occurring.

Newly diagnosed patients in active treatment are our first priority. Our ability to accommodate ticket requests depends upon the number of tickets we have available.

Q: Who is allowed to attend Dragonfly’s “patient/family events”?

A:  Only a patient’s immediate family members are allowed to attend events, unless there are special circumstances, or additional tickets available. In every case, Dragonfly must approve such requests in advance. Names of attendees must be included with registration.

Q: Can a Dragonfly attend an event without a parent/guardian?

A:  Dragonflies under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian. If they are 18 or older, they can attend without a parent/guardian. If this is the case, they may only take one guest who is not a part of a patient’s immediate family.

Q: Is the patient required to attend an event in order for the family to receive tickets?

A:  Not always. We understand that some events are geared towards an older audience and may not be suitable for minors. We also understand that sometimes the patient may not be able to attend, but the siblings/offspring or registered caregivers would still benefit from the opportunity. If the patient will not be attending, please make note of this when registering on the portal. Our primary objective is to offer tickets to newly diagnosed or in-crisis patients first. With that said, we will make every effort to accommodate special requests.

Q: What do I do if those in the family who are assigned tickets can no longer attend an event??

A: Dragonfly must be notified if any member is the registered party is unable to attend. We must be given the option to allow another Dragonfly or Dragonfly family to attend. This is especially important when we have critical, last minute needs or have a family who may have received fewer tickets than their request. Please also be aware that we maintain a backup list of families for each event. To return tickets, please contact us at 513/494-6474 or [email protected].

Tickets also cannot be given away or sold under any circumstances as they are property of The Dragonfly Foundation. Not returning tickets is a violation of our Ticket Policy.

Q: What do I do if I am running late to meet a Ticket Distributor?

A:  Please be considerate and respectful of the Ticket Distributor and arrive promptly at the agreed upon meeting time to pick up your tickets. (We are very grateful for that person’s time and support.) If you are delayed or need to meet at another time or location, please call the ticket distributor as soon as possible, so they can be informed and plan ahead.

Q: What do I do if the event is cancelled?

A:  In the event of a cancellation, Dragonfly will make an effort to give your family priority status at the next available opportunity. Please note that Dragonfly will not be held responsible if tickets are lost or stolen, or if the event is cancelled.

Q: Do items in the suites belong to The Dragonfly Foundation?

A:  Items in the suite and event venue do not belong to The Dragonfly Foundation. Removal of these items is considered theft. Please remember that you are guests of our organization, and more importantly, of our sponsors. We are grateful for their goodwill and support.

Q: What type of behavior is expected at Dragonfly Events?

A:  Appropriate behavior and respect for event surroundings and attendees is expected and required at all times. Please refrain from any disruptive or rude behaviors, inappropriate language, and/or damage or theft. Dragonfly is considered a guest of the event venues, sponsors, and hosts, so please  represent the foundation well.