Ticketing & Gifting Policy & Expectations

The Dragonfly provides multiple weekly event opportunities that appeal to a broad range of ages, interests, and situations. We prefer you use our portal to register your interest in attending events. If you do not have access to a computer, please call us at 513/494-6474.

Likewise, we strive to provide joy to patients through our gifting program.

Our ticket and gifting distribution system is not a raffle. We consider a number of factors when reviewing each request or situation:

  • Date of diagnosis/registration
  • Health status, crisis situations and/or special circumstances (Please note this information when registering)
  • Events:
    • Number of available tickets
    • Number of tickets needed
    • Total number of patient events attended over time
    • Date of last event attended
    • Types of events previously attended
  • Compliance with Ticketing & Gifting Policy & Expectations
  • Available resources

Current patients in active treatment and patients/families in emotional/physical crisis are our first priority. Our ability to provide support depends upon the resources we have available. For example, last minute tickets often become available, so please register if there is an event that you/your family are interested in attending.

Dragonfly families MUST follow our Ticketing & Gifting Policy & Expectations. Participation in our events and programs should not be taken lightly or for granted. Please keep in mind that donors and volunteers CHOSE to support Dragonfly, when they could have helped other organizations. It is also important to know that what transpires at our events can reflect positively or negatively on Dragonfly and its reputation, thus affecting future donations.

Not following our policy can put you and your family at risk of participating in programs and events. As our guests, please do not do anything that would jeopardize Dragonfly. We are grateful to our sponsors, supporters, employees and volunteers for helping make all that we do possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


  • Patients/families must be in good standing with the organization to benefit from our activities and programs.
  • Events:
    • Appropriate behavior and respect for events surroundings and attendees is expected and required AT ALL TIMES. We do not accept any conduct that would intimidate or scare other attendees, damage health or property, or place at risk our families, our volunteers, our donors, our sponsors or our organization. Disruptive, aggressive, rude, uncooperative or greedy behaviors, inappropriate language, and/or damage or theft will NOT be tolerated and will result, at a minimum, in the loss of Dragonfly event privileges. Depending upon the violation, patients, in addition to other family members may be removed from all Dragonfly programs.
    • Registering your interest in attending an event does not guarantee attendance. We take many factors into account when reviewing requests, including: the number of tickets available and requested, the patient’s physical/emotional wellness and “Watch List status,” the number of events the patient/family has attended, the types of Dragonfly events the family has attended in the past, and other special/critical circumstances that may be occurring.
    • Dragonfly must be notified if the patient and/or their siblings/offspring (under the age of 18) are unable to attend the event. We must be given the option to allow another patient and their family to attend, in case there is a critical, last minute need. (Note: we will try to accommodate a “parents night out” when possible, depending upon resources.) To return tickets, please call us immediately at 513/452-3359.) Not returning tickets without medical documentation or advance notice may result in jeopardizing future event opportunities with The Dragonfly Foundation.
    • If your family is not particularly interested in attending an event OR has been to a Dragonfly event in the last several weeks/months, please identify yourself as a “Backup Family” – unless your family is in desperate need of joy due to the patient’s medical condition or family circumstance. Please leave any information about special circumstances when making a ticket request via our website’s secure online portal or when calling 513/494-6474.
    • Attendees must arrive promptly at the agreed upon meeting time to receive their tickets. In many cases, Dragonfly families volunteer to distribute tickets at the same event they are attending. Arriving late can cause them to become frustrated or even to miss the event. Whether it is a Dragonfly family or volunteer, please be considerate and respectful of their time and support. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to meet the ticket distributor at an event, or not showing up and/or not calling are considered ticket policy violations, unless a doctor’s note can be provided.
    • Only registered Dragonfly Family members are allowed to attend events, unless there are special circumstances, or additional tickets available. In every case, Dragonfly must approve such requests IN ADVANCE. Tickets CANNOT BE GIVEN AWAY OR SOLD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES as there might be other in-crisis families who have registered their interest in attending the event and may be on our backup list.
    • Please remember that you are guests of our organization and our sponsors. Items in the suite or event venue do not belong to The Dragonfly Foundation. Removal of these items is considered theft and will be reported to the authorities.
    • We will not be held responsible if tickets are lost or stolen, or if the event is cancelled. In the event of cancellation, Dragonfly will make an effort to give your family priority status at the next available opportunity.
  • Gifts and Dragonfly Resources
    • We hope that many families are fortunate enough to have active and generous support systems who send gifts. For those who do, please let us know so that we can send our gifts to other families who may be more in need of comfort. Receiving gifts and then giving them to people outside of your family means that we have less gifts to send to those who need joy.
    • We know interests change over time, and while we try to learn as much as we can about our patients, we may not always be spot on. If we are not gifting things that bring comfort and joy, please let us know about the patient’s current interests so that we find things that do.
    • Please also note that our yellow Dragonfly Family bracelets were created to help Dragonfly families identify each other at the hospital and in public places. Please do not give them away to those who you did not initially register with us.