A Testimonial From A Dragonfly Mom


“The Dragonfly Foundation is a lifeline for so many of us and they run on blood, sweat, tears and HUGS. 8 years ago Ria & her friend Christine, after experiencing a journey of a son with cancer, started The Dragonfly Foundation. It is a one of a kind – LOCAL – organization that supports families with cancer and bone marrow diseases. When we were thrust into this race a few years ago, our social worker at (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) gave us a few forms to fill out, but she said ‘make sure you give me the Dragonfly form back today – you need them!’ And we turned it in and the next day we had this “rope” thrown to us from someone who gave us things we needed that we didn’t even know we would need. And it felt like a warm hug from (Dragonfly)! We were so lucky, because our family and friends are AMAZING – and we also have The Dragonfly Foundation!”

— A Dragonfly Mom (Reprinted with permission)

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