Becoming a Dragonfly


Dear Patients and Family Members:

Right now, you may be devastated by a new diagnosis or burdened by the mounds of paper work required by the hospital to manage care. You may be overwhelmed by the traumatic effects of treatments, the burden placed upon you and your family, and/or the challenges of making it through the next hour, day, week or month. With reason, signing up for The Dragonfly Foundation may not seem like the priority that it should be. I encourage you to take a moment, take that step to become part of the Dragonfly Family.

There is no such thing as too much support.

The sole purpose of The Dragonfly Foundation is to bring comfort and joy to patients and their families during some of the hardest times anyone can go through. Like a bandage, Dragonfly provides distractions, community connections and care packages to relieve some of the pain and isolation that is experienced throughout treatment and long-term recovery. With their programs, support services, and multiple WEEKLY event opportunities, The Dragonfly Foundation is there to remind patients and families that there is light in even the darkest moments.

Dragonfly HandhakeWe are not alone when we are a part of the Dragonfly Family.


The Mother of a Dragonfly



Q:    What is the procedure required to become a Dragonfly Family?

A:     Caregivers should register eligible patients through a Partner Hospital’s Social Work Department. Currently, Dragonfly serves cancer and bone marrow transplant patients (from birth to age 30).

Q:    What information is collected as part of Dragonfly’s registration process?

A:     The Dragonfly Foundation’s Registration Form asks for caregiver contact information, as well as the names and ages of the patient and the children/offspring in their immediate family. We also ask about the patient’s diagnosis and estimated length of treatment. We inquire about the patient’s interests and activities, as well as try to learn about the types of activities that the family like to do together. This information helps us identify items and experiences that may bring the patient and their family support and smile-worthy distractions.

Q:    What is the best way to reach someone at The Dragonfly Foundation?

A:     We are just a phone call, email, Tweet, or Facebook post away! Our main number is 513/494-6474. A Dragonfly representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Q:    What happens once I register my family with The Dragonfly Foundation?

A:     Within 24 hours of receiving the form from the hospital, a representative will make a personal phone call to review the information with the caregiver. During the call, we will introduce The Dragonfly Foundation and explain how our optional event notification system works. We will then send our new Dragonfly a welcome package. Patients and families will also be invited to participate in our private pages for patients (general and a specific pages for young adults) and families.

Once you are registered, you also will be given access to our website’s patient portal. Here, you will be able to access and indicate your interest in upcoming patient events in your area. You can also elect to receive calls/emails and text notifications. If you are not receiving them — and you want them — please let us know. If you continue to not receive them, please let us know that, too, otherwise we have to assume that everything is okay. (Please note that our Send Word Now system is entirely optional. Our electronic notification system is optional; you can opt in and opt out at any time, as many times as needed. We know there are times, especially during extended hospital stays when you may not want to receive calls/texts/emails.)

Q:    Who is eligible to attend patient/family events?

A:     Unless there are special circumstances that are approved in advance, only registered patients and their immediate members, who are in good standing with our organization, can attend our patient/family events. While we always prioritize our current patients and their families and are sensitive to their situation and emotional well-being, we have on occasion and depending upon the seating arrangements, offered left over tickets to families who have lost Dragonflies (for up to one year).

Visit our Ticket Policy & Expectations to learn more.