Beta Club Hosts Coin Drive!

From Anne Petersen, a Dragonfly Volunteer:


Anne Petersen is a Dragonfly Volunteer and one of the leaders of Lakota West’s Beta Club. They recently volunteered at our facility and held a coin drive for us. Anne wrote this letter to the family of the participants and share the contents with us.

Background on the Beta Club Fundraiser:
The Quarter Campaign started on Monday, February 24 and ended on Friday, February 28. The purpose of the Quarter Campaign was to raise money for The Dragonfly Foundation, which helps children and young adults (up to age 30) who are enduring cancer or bone marrow transplants deal with the mental trauma from all of the procedures they have to go through. They wanted to raise money for the mission by simply asking all of the students to bring at least one quarter to school to donate to the Dragonfly Foundation. The credit for coming up with the Quarter campaign goes to two of our Plains Students, Olivia M. and Karly W.


After volunteering to assemble blue patient care bags, the students felt like they wanted to GIVE MORE, and they did. The students showed the entire student body the short video shown at the Hearts for Dragonflies Fundraiser…this helped the rest of the building learn about Dragonfly.  They then collected the quarters, cash, and checks for an overwhelming total of $985.86!

Mrs. Silverglade’s classroom was the biggest donor…with $200.22. Just so that you know…Mrs. Silverglade MATCHED her class donations…writing a check for over 100. from her own checking account.  It brought me to tears.

Many rooms took this cause very seriously, and I can not thank them enough:  Mrs. Dombroszi, Mrs. Grogan, Mr. Varda, Mr. Slomsky, Mr. Nation, and Mrs. Simpsons classes all turned in very impressive totals.

These kids also organized a Dine for Dragonfly night at Buffalo Wild Wings at Union Center.  We have not received the check from BWW yet but I have been told it is around $270.00

Again, I’m so proud of this group…they have gone above and beyond to LEAD BY SERVING OTHERS.

Anne Petersen

NOTE FROM CHRISTINE/RIA: We are so, so grateful for the support we have received from the students. We absolutely LOVE when kids help our kids!! The fact that they showed the video to the class and relayed our message of “caring while we wait for a cure,” is simply… wonderful. Thanks, kids!!!! You all EARNED YOUR WINGS!!