Chalk Festival – Artist Information

Join us August 24th in West Chester, OH for Dragonfly’s Rock & Roll Chalk Fest featuring the ReMax Hot Air Balloon.

To ensure participation, artists are strongly encouraged to find a business, individual or organization to sponsor your space or to consider sponsoring a space themselves or with friends. Space is limited.

Sponsored Artists
(To Sponsor An Artist CLICK HERE!)

Artists (Professional/Novice: All Are Welcome)

Sponsors can be artists or bring artists to chalk within their assigned squares. (This can be an individual or team activity.)  Sponsors without artists will have the option to be assigned a pre-approved artist by Dragonfly.

Artists (Professional/Semi-Professional)

Artists are required to submit a sketch of Rock & Roll Chalk Fest concepts upon being selected for the festival. The art should be submitted to [email protected]. Applicants will be approved no later than August 19. Sponsored squares without artists will be assigned a volunteer artist from the approved list.

Type of Art:

Artists are free to create whatever images inspire them, as long as the art is suitable for public viewing.

Artists recognize that The Dragonfly Foundation is entitled to photograph and reproduce artworks by the artist for future promotions and advertisements. The artist(s) has no ownership rights to the photo and/or reproductions in any form.



  • Only pastel chalk allowed
  • Be courteous to fellow artists
  • No nudity, political statements, commercial advertisements or statements either written, visual or implied are permitted
  • Artwork may not violate copyright law:
    • Absolutely no words or symbols intended or interpreted as political statements or advertising may appear within the chalk artwork
  • The entire artist space must be utilized, there should be no pavement showing in the square except where it is a part of the chalk artwork
  • Honor sponsors to make them feel appreciated!! You may enhance any sponsor name.
  • Maintain clean workspaces

Dragonfly reserves the right to deem any subject matter as inappropriate. Non-compliance with any of the aforementioned Rock & Roll Chalk Fest rules will result in immediate removal from the festival.


Artists have from complete their work from 12:30 pm to 6 pm to complete their design.


Artists must complete their work by 6 pm to be eligible for prizes. Judging will begin at 6 pm with prizes awarded at 7 pm. If winners are not present, prizes will be mailed to them, provided the artists’ information is provided in the Artist Form.

1st Place: $100 with Trophy
2nd Place: $50 with Trophy
3rd Place: $25 with Trophy

All artists will receive Dragonfly t-shirts and Dragonfly swag! 


Dragonfly will supply each sponsored artist with at least one set of chalk pastels as a basic supply. Each new box of chalk will contain 12 colors (including black and white). There will also be a couple dozen additional colors and boxes of used chalk pieces. (Note: There’s usually a shortage of black (very hard to get); we will have a supply of charcoal briquettes as a good alternative.) Artists may bring their own non-toxic soft pastels, but only if they are washable sidewalk-type chalks.

Please note that we will test chalk for washability.

If you are using a predominant color in your design, we recommend purchasing additional chalk in that color before the Festival. Water and brushes are acceptable!

Artists will be encouraged to also share chalk and use water and brushes.  NO OTHER MATERIALS ARE TO BE USED!!!!

What do artists need to bring?

  • Each artist will need to bring some type of collection box for voting tokens
  • Folding chair
  • Duct tape
  • We also recommend bringing sunscreen, hats, a personal cooler, if desired. (We provide artists with soda/water and a hot dog lunch)
  • Something to kneel on (i.e., towel, carpet remnant, etc.) (We will have a few extra available.)
  • Disposable latex gloves to protect hands, if needed
  • Plastic sheeting, if the weather looks somewhat threatening. (Note: the event will continue even during a light rain.) There is no rain date.

Forbidden Materials:  

  • NO Fixatives, oil pastels, liquid chalk or paints, acrylic, gouache, markers, etc.
  • NO personal speaker systems.

What to do when you arrive

  • Bring a prepared template, if you have one, and items included on the materials list with you when you arrive at the festival. Check-in opens at noon. Chalking begins at 12:30 pm.
  • Go to your assigned space and duct tape your template and size of your art space.
  • Duct tape your template to your street painting space and tape off your area.
  • Outline the pattern with chalk. After you have completed applying your template, DO NOT throw it away. Instead, fold it or roll it up neatly to use again in case your outline is damaged.
  • Remove the tape and carefully roll away the paper template.