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Advocates & Volunteers

We couldn’t do what we do without the help of dedicated, enthusiastic, and kind volunteers! Volunteers help us with:

-- Programs and Services
-- Events: patient/family events and fundraisers
-- Speaking Opportunities
-- Student Ambassador and Camp Dragonfly: programs for school-aged kids
-- Flier Distribution Team
-- Young Professionals Group
-- Dragonfly Society
-- Crowdfunding (Text WINGS to 71777)

Check out our event calendar for public volunteer opportunities, upcoming open houses, and committee meetings. If you are interested in learning more and/or perhaps going through our security check and orientation process, please submit a Volunteer Application by clicking the link below.

Our Volunteer Programs

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Volunteer Opportunities Are Offered By Screening Level:

We do everything we can to protect our patients/families, our resources, and the privacy of those who are involved with our organization.

  • LEVEL 1

    Requires: Background check, volunteer orientation, manager approval, and at least one volunteer assignment.
    Roles: Include direct contact with our patients/families/students and resources.

  • LEVEL 2

    Requires: Background check and volunteer orientation. 

    Roles: Include direct contact with resources and/or program/planning information.

  • LEVEL 3

    Requires: Volunteer application 
Roles: Public events that do not have direct contact with resources or program/planning information.

  • LEVEL 4

    Requires: Interest in volunteering 
Roles: Public events that do not have direct contact with resources or program/planning information.


  • Host fundraisers and informational meetings 
  • Promote our events (share our events online, distribute/post our materials, etc.) 
  • Host a toy, gift, gift card or coin drive
  • Create a personal fundraising page to share by texting WINGS to 71777
  • Seek out sponsors and auction items 
  • Distribute fliers for our events 
  • Let us know about speaking opportunities 
  • Put together a Dragonfly Team to represent Dragonfly and participate in community events 
  • Make and display posters thanking people for attending our events 
  •  Donate blood and blood products for Dragonfly 
  •  Become an organ donor 

Information To Know

Q: Do volunteers have the opportunity to interact with Dragonfly families?

A: It depends on the the volunteer's security level and the type of role they serve. The closer volunteers get to our Dragonflies -- and our resources/information -- the more protective we are.

Q: What is Dragonfly's Student Programs and how can volunteers get involved?

A: We want to help kids to make a difference at home, at school, and in their community. To this end, we have created programs to engage students and to encourage kindness, compassion, and philanthropy. We call them:

  • Camp Dragonfly: a camp for incoming 5th/6th graders
  • Student Ambassador Program: for school-age students

These programs are just more ways we work to build a community of support for our Dragonfly patients and families.

Volunteers are needed to mentor and support these programs.

Learn More About Our Student Programs

Q: How can minors and young adults support Dragonfly?

A: We have so many ways they can help us! In fact, our list is two pages long! Here are just some of them:

  • Collect used sports equipment from neighbors. Turn in what they collect to a reseller and donate the money back to Dragonfly
  • Have them involve friends in holding a walk/run in their neighborhood, or participate in other Dragonfly-related events
  • Have them ask their school (or their parents' employer) to host a coin drive, or toy or gift card drive
  • Staff information tables at events
  • Distribute event flyers
  • Have them reach out to request that local businesses support Dragonfly
  • Wear our shirts and use our bumper stickers
  • Become a fundraiser by texting WINGS to 71777

If you'd like to know more about our Student Programs and ways for schools, parents, mentors, and students can get involved, please email us at [email protected]
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