Dragonfly Cartoon

Helping me see the light

From a Dragonfly: “I talked with an old school friend today and she asked me questions about what it was like and how I got through it because she said if her child had cancer she didn’t think she could. I told her in the best way I can, it is like you have a […]

A Thank You Note

A note from a Dragonfly Mom: “My daughter, A, just started receiving treatment at Cincinnati Children’s for liver cancer. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the welcome bag (New Diagnosis/Extended Stay Care Package). It provided many things that we were in need of and was put to use right away. […]

Love our bumper stickers!

From a Dragonfly mom: “(While) Cashing out at Krogers a lady approached me and asked me if that was my car outside with the dragonfly stickers on it and cause I had my Dragonfly jacket on she asked what is The Dragonfly foundation. I said Oh thank you for asking I hope you have a […]